Papaya Leaf Extract Benefits

papaya leaf_extract_benefits
Papaya leaf extracts are known from a long time ago and was used to heal certain ailments in Asia. Papaya leaves are extraordinary rich in vital nutrients and are highly recommended to be included in the diet like a supplement. The extract can offer a boost of vitality, raise the immune system and fight various infections and diseases.

Nutrients: Papaya leaves represent a wonderful source of retinol and B12, folic acid, and magnesium. The extract also include minerals as Mg, K, Fe, vitamin C, amino acids and other phytonutrients.


Red cells: Leaf extracts help synthesis erythrocytes in the blood due to the presence of antioxidants such as retinol, vitamins C, B9 and cobalamin.

Immune system: Papaya leaf extracts play an important role in building the immune system, exhibiting the mechanism of active agents such as immunomodulators. The studies showed it increases the production of cells that help lymphocytes fight for the immune system.

Antibacterial: Some studies revealed that papaya leaf extracts contain antibacterial compounds that are effectively fighting against bacteria gram positive or gram negative .

Digestive system: Papaya leaf extracts contain the papain enzyme which helps digesting the proteins and in such a way benefits in treating digestive ailments. Also, the extract assists actively in destructing digestive proteins, fats and carbohydrates .

Potent antioxidant: Without any doubt, papaya represents one of the richest sources of antioxidants, containing even up to 20 times more than contains vitamin E. The antioxidant activity of papaya leaf extract is attributed to the range of phenolic compounds such as caffeic and chlorogenic acid, quercetin and kaempferol. Studies showed that the extract is fights effectively stomach ulcer and stress. The studies showed that the total antioxidant power in the blood increases and the damage caused by oxidation is reduced.

Cancer Fighter: The extract of papaya leaves makes wonders when used to heal such a destructive disease as cancer. The scientist concluded that it helps fighting various types of cancer. The types include cervix cancer, breast, liver, lung, and pancreatic cancer.

Other benefits: Revitalizes the human body and a maintain of energy and vitality, supports cardiovascular system, prevents cataract formation, alleviates inflammation, helps with nausea and constipation.