Oregano Leaf Extract

oregano-leaf-extractOregano represents a plant that is specific to the Mediterranean climate and is very close to the mint family – lamiaceae. It usually can be found at high altitudes, that is why the Greeks called it “the delight of the mountains”. There are two kinds of oregano that are used in different purposes: Origanum Marjoram which represents a great cooking supplement and Origanum Vulgare (wild oregano) used in medicine. We will concentrate more over the second type and will analyze over the beneficial effects over human health condition and what specific effects it can provide, so make sure that the leaf extract you purchase is obtained from Origanum Vulgare.

From ancient times the physicians and doctors observed that oregano leaf extract which can be obtained due to steam distillation of fresh oregano leaves possesses some amazing antibacterial and anti parasitic effects. They used it as a disinfection remedy for wounds and to keep the food from different kinds of bacteria. Oregano leaf extract remains highly demanded till nowadays and the scientists discovered much more positive effects you can imagine. Containing such substances like linalyl acetate, geranyl acetate, cymene, thymol, caryophyllene and carvacrol, oregano deserves a really important place in the alternative medicine practice.

Besides being a great antibacterial, this extract offers some decent possibilities of treating different viral illnesses. Improve you immune system against influenzas, ordinary flues, measles, pox and many other unpleasant conditions created by a variety of viruses. As a matter of fact as well as it treats viruses it helps curing illnesses related with fungus and protozoa protecting your respiratory system from possible infections that can even conclude with fatal cases.

Oregano leaves oil can also provide a great antioxidant effect, neutralizing some active radicals and oxidants inside our body. Aging effects can be reduced representing also a great prophylaxis of vision and hearing loss.

Other important benefits of oregano extract are:  it is a fantastic anti-allergenic; powerful painkiller without any side effects; relieves muscle spasms, menstrual cramps or congestion and increases the secretion of digestive juices.

When using oregano extracted oil, make sure to dilute it and do not exceed the recommended dosage. Pregnant woman should avoid taking it regularly because some researches had shown that this extract can influence the iron absorption. Avoid contacts with areas with sensitive membrane (ex: eyes).